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Item #1:

TheSlayersClub is currently going through some moderation changes and other behind the scenes construction. While this is happening, please allow a possible 3-7 day wait for any artwork submissions to be accepted.

One of these items of business will hopefully be an official page of club rules, so some things may change a bit around here in terms of what kind of artwork is accepted. Overall in he past we have been pretty open to everything, but as time has gone by we feel it's time to draw some lines. Stay tuned.
Item #2

In the past TheSlayersClub has played host to contests that rewarded the winners with prizes ranging from artwork commissions to tangible items such as stickers, buttons, and even Slayers plushies. We would like to start these contests again, however the biggest problem in the past had been participation numbers. So we pose this question to all our members- what would we need to do to get to participate in a Slayers themed contest? Certain prizes, a long time limit, etc?

Item #3

:gallery: Adding Artwork:

Please remember, you must be a member to be able to contribute artwork.

How to:
On the front page of the club, click on the icon that says, "Contribute Art" underneath it. From there a smaller window will pop up and you can go through your gallery. Click on the images you wish to submit then hit the submit button down at the bottom. Make sure the bar at the top of the window next to the writing that says, "Choose A Deviation- submitting to" has the appropriate folder showing for the artwork you wish to submit.

For more on which folder to submit which kinds of artwork to, read below:

There is NO LIMIT to how much you can submit a day.

Your artwork should be automatically accepted into the group (if you are a member) - the folders are monitored on and off to make sure the appropriate work is going into the appropriate folder. If your artwork disappears or changes folders, that is because it was either inappropriate for the group, or uploaded to the wrong folder and has been moved by a mod.


:bulletyellow: (Featured Gallery)
The Featured Gallery is for selective works of art that appear finished, refined, and polished. Originality and artistic quality do play some part. They are complete works- not quick sketches.They have background unless the image is so detailed or artistic that it does not really need one to help make the work visually pleasing. No blurry images, obvious quick sketches, works on lined or gridded paper, line art, works that are dark from being obviously scanned- or works obviously photographed. No works that are roughly colored unless style suggests they were purposely done that way. Members cannot submit to this folder, but rather will have their artwork moved to this folder if it fits these qualifications.

:bulletred: (General Gallery: )
The General Gallery is where all fan arts will go that do not meet specific requirements of other folders. When it doubt, submit your artwork here.

:bulletgreen: (Cosplay: )
The Cosplay gallery is dedicated to pictures of your Slayers Cosplays or Costumes only. Drawings of Slayers characters depicted as other anime characters or crossover drawings do not belong here.

:bulletgreen: (Homemade: )
The Homemade folder is for your homemade items such as plushies, key chains, etc. Pictures of people's Slayers collections also belong here. Costumes DO NOT belong here, they go into the Cosplay Gallery.

:bulletpurple: (Comics Gallery: )
A gallery for your Slayers comics, short comics, and doushinji. To be considered a comic, your fanart must have all or most of these elements: It tells a story, consists of more than two panels, contains multiple dialogue, consists of a sequence of events which takes place over the course of more than one page, or cover/chapter art that's part of a doushinji.

:bulletorange: (Fanfiction: )
The Fanfiction Gallery is where any type of writing belongs. Fanfiction; novella and one-shots. Poems, etc all go here.

:bulletblue: (Digital: )
This Gallery is the place for all Pixel Art, Stamps, Collages, Wallpapers, Sprites, Short Animations, and anything else you make that PRIMARILY uses work that is not your own. Example: Artwork drawn on the computer using a tablet does not belong here, that belongs in General Gallery. Hand drawn characters, but backgrounds done in photoshop do not belong here. Obviously computer made work only.

:bulletblack: (OC's: )
Any type of drawing that is of your Slayers OC's (Original Characters) belong in this folder.

:bulletpink: (AMV: )
The AMV gallery is a place for those people who upload artwork with links to their AMV's on the artwork. Please keep in mind you choose to go to external websites at your own risk, and TheSlayersClub will not be checking the submitted links to this gallery.  

:bulletyellow: (Contest Winners: )
A special gallery for winners of contests TheSlayersClub will be holding. No member can submit to this folder.

:teddy: If you have any questions, please feel free to leave a message in the comments section of the page, and the club will get back to you as soon as possible.
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Azumahigure Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2016
Thank You for accepting me!
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ImmortalTanuki Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
You're getting a lot of non-Slayers artwork. Too many, in fact. I watch this group for Slayers artwork and nothing else.
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Kimiski Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2014  Student General Artist
Does anyone know where to find the Slayers Novels 9-15 in English translations? 
eris212 Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2015
You can find all of them online. Even a few Special chapters are available..
nagafan Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2014
It's my understanding they've never been translated though there might be a fan translation of 9 somewhere on the net...
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